We Value Differences

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity means that we value differences. We understand that the continued success of our business depends on our people and our business relationships. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we can only succeed when we work with the best — individuals from a wide range of identities and backgrounds who will shape our future through innovative thoughts and ideas. At Transamerica, we empower them to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

Same sex couple playing with a child
Community, collaboration, and commitment 

Working at Transamerica

We’re inspired by unique perspectives and are dedicated to creating a respectful and inclusive work environment. Our Inclusion and Diversity Team, which was formalized in 2015, plays a key role in initiatives to create an inclusive culture, and all employees are encouraged to share their voice.

From celebrating Coming Out Day through photos, saluting our company’s veterans with local donations, and sharing leadership insights on International Women’s Day, Transamerica has countless opportunities for individuals to express themselves and learn from one another. Other recent initiatives include unconscious bias training, a gender diversity guide, and company donations to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Employee Resource Groups

Transamerica’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) promote an environment that understands and appreciates how commonalities and differences benefit the workplace, community, and marketplace.  Each ERG is employee-driven, company-sponsored, and formed around shared interests or common characteristics of diversity. All employees can join ERGs to learn more about a group, become an ally, or simply volunteer with members. 

These groups are formed when passionate employees come together in a grassroots approach, and founders have the freedom to create a mission and develop innovative ways to fulfill their goals.  Each group has an executive sponsor, which keeps these topics front of mind for our leadership team.

“Transamerica is deeply committed to inclusion and diversity and we recognize that we must continue to enhance our efforts. Our colleagues and our communities help us think of opportunities to grow, as individuals and as an organization, so we can do more for our employees, customers, and partners.”

- Holly Waters, Chief People Officer

Walking the Talk

Benchmarking and awards are how companies like ours demonstrate our dedication to inclusion and diversity. While this is an acknowledgement of our progress to date and we’re proud of this recognition, we will continually strive to find new ways to move workplace equality forward.