A Complete Retirement Picture 

For more than 85 years, Transamerica has been helping people feel better about retirement. Today, that means more than just money. Transamerica retirement solutions provides a comprehensive package of recordkeeping services for our plan sponsors, whether it’s full-service or a third-party administrator selected by the plan sponsor. We work hard to make sure our plan sponsors are happy with the service standards we provide.

From plan installation to ongoing support, we provide the services you need to maintain a successful retirement plan and a dedicated point-of-contact for personal consultations. Our team of experts help plan sponsors fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and will help ensure you have the tools needed to make the right decisions.

Total Retirement Outsourcing®

Defined Contribution 

We’re passionate about helping employers deliver retirement planning solutions to their employees that encourage savings and may result in better financial outcomes for plan participants. Our defined contribution approach pairs efficient recordkeeping services for the employer with a quality experience for the plan’s participants.  

Defined Benefit  

Transamerica knows employers want to provide meaningful employee benefits while maintaining strong financial performance. Our approach emphasizes high quality data management and detailed, accurate reporting in addition to refined budgeting and forecasting. We also combine asset management, risk management, and actuarial services to provide a cohesive, comprehensive, and complete defined benefit solution. 

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan (NQDC) does more than give your executives a powerful retirement investment opportunity. It offers a way for your organization to attract and retain the best talent to help you pursue financial and strategic success. We’ll provide access to leading investment choices, and to a wealth of experience in best practices for financing NQDC plans. 

67% of plan participants who use our exclusive OnTrack® tool are on course to meet their retirement goals.*

More Ways to Prepare 

Investment Solutions  

Transamerica offers a variety of investment choices and solutions to support your plan’s objectives, including Stable Value and Target Date Fund investments along with Managed Advice® and PortfolioXpress® services. 

Participant Experience 

We have a singular purpose — to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security. We’ve designed tools, resources, and educational materials that make it easy for plan participants to personalize their retirement planning experience.   

A Holistic Approach 

Going above and beyond traditional retirement offerings means offering integrated services. For example, self-paced participant education modules and access to health coaching, both of which can help reduce current and future healthcare expenses. Down the road it could include integrating an HSA so participants have access to both retirement and health savings accounts on a single website. You could bundle traditional offerings with voluntary benefits to help avoid unexpected expenses that could require retirement plan withdrawals. It could even mean adding a student loan repayment program to help improve talent recruitment and retention.

Health Savings Accounts 

HSAs provide significant tax benefits for payments of medical expenses today, and with features like investment options, rollover, and portability, they can also help supplement your employees’ retirement savings tomorrow. Our HSA, offered on an industry-leading technology platform, allows participants to interact with their retirement plans and HSA in a seamless way via web, app, and call center. 

Student Loan Debt Repayment 

We have three providers that can help design and implement a student loan repayment service for our clients at negotiated pricing. Through our student loan partners, we provide Communication (education, loan forgiveness information), Consolidation (loan consolidation, refinancing options, loan forgiveness), and Contribution (ability to develop plans that meet employer objectives). 

Voluntary Benefits 

Transamerica Employee Benefits offers a comprehensive suite of supplemental health and life insurance products designed to help fill the gaps major medical insurance leaves open. Our solutions are designed to help cover the expenses and the interruption of income that can come with an unexpected medical emergency — and help protect employees' long range financial objectives.  


Transamerica Stable Value Solutions Inc. offers insurance products issued by Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company (Cedar Rapids, IA), Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company (Harrison, NY), and Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Cedar Rapids, IA). Contract holders will look only to the issuing insurance company for satisfaction of obligations under the contract. Products are not available in all states.

The Managed Advice® service is offered through Transamerica Retirement Advisors, LLC (TRA), an SEC registered investment advisor. Transamerica Retirement Solutions and TRA are affiliated companies.  Morningstar Investment Management Associates, LLC®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morningstar, is an SEC-registered investment advisor that serves as an independent financial expert and provides the underlying investment advice and portfolio management methodology for the Managed Advice® service.  Morningstar is not affiliated with any Transamerica companies.  Please see the Managed Advice® agreement for more information on the terms and conditions that apply.

Important: The projections or other information generated by the engine regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results derived from the tool may vary with each use and over time.

PortfolioXpress® is a registered service mark of Transamerica. PortfolioXpress® is available to plans that have online enrollment at no additional cost although the fees of the underlying investment choices continue to apply. PortfolioXpress® presents a series of asset allocation models up to and through a designated retirement year. The participant is solely responsible for selecting the retirement year and risk preference (if applicable). By subscribing to the service, the participant agrees to each of the asset allocation mixes and each of the automated rebalancing transactions that will take place over time within the account as the participant approaches a selected retirement year. If participants sign up, they should carefully review the service agreement for details on any applicable fees and other terms and conditions that may apply. Although the PortfolioXpress® service is offered at no additional cost, participants will continue to bear the fees of the underlying funds in which the account is invested. PortfolioXpress® is designed as investment education. Transamerica or its affiliates do not provide investment advice to PortfolioXpress® nor does Transamerica act as a plan fiduciary. Retirement date portfolios are subject to the same risks as the underlying asset classes in which they invest. The higher the portfolio’s allocation to stocks generally the greater the risk. The principal value of the portfolio is never guaranteed, including at and after the target date. Diversification does not guarantee against loss in a falling market.

Health savings products and services offered through Transamerica Health Savings Solutions, LLC.