"Living longer is a blessing. We help people take advantage of it with real solutions that help them live their best life throughout their personal journey."

— Will Fuller, President and CEO of Transamerica

"People have the potential to live longer than ever before. Realizing this gift of extra time requires imagining the possibilities, safeguarding our health, financial planning — and abandoning outdated stereotypes about aging. Our daily decisions and long-term preparations will greatly influence our success."

— Catherine Collinson, CEO & President, Transamerica Institute, a nonprofit, private foundation

Making the most of life

A longer lifespan requires new ways of thinking about different life stages. Lives aren’t simply divided into eras of learn, work, and retire the way that they were before. As a result, younger adults, adults in midlife, and older adults will all need to be able to adapt on an ongoing basis.

People experience change in cycles of varying lengths, with shifting roles and priorities from one cycle to the next. Based on their longevity research, Transamerica and MIT AgeLab have proposed a new decision-making model that can be applied throughout one’s life: Anticipation, Preparation, and Celebration. It can help financial professionals and their clients have important conversations as they work to create the future they want.


Being aware of longevity, its opportunities, and the challenges, wants, and needs you may experience at different times in your life. 


Taking action in areas that will help you take advantage of the opportunities and meet your goals.


Enjoying what you achieved, and living your best life at every stage with a positive outlook, social connections, and ongoing engagement.


In the world of work, people’s careers are becoming more complex as they have more jobs and more careers than previous generations. As a result, they may need to learn new skills and may also decide to take a larger span of time off mid-career. These changes will likely affect how long people work and the strategies they’ll need to reach their financial goals.

Proportion across age groups who have a complex, multi-part working life

— “Longevity as Opportunity,” MIT AgeLab, June 2023

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An extended life can influence what it takes to achieve financial freedom. Recent research shows that saving for retirement continues to be at least “somewhat” important for most people (92.1%).* But people also recognize that saving enough money to be able to no longer work is a challenging goal, especially with competing priorities. Financial professionals can help provide products and tools to help them achieve their goals, now and in the future.

*“Longevity as Opportunity,” MIT AgeLab, June 2023


While employment and financial security are necessary, they aren’t the only things people need to live the best life possible. Well-being is another key element, and includes physical and emotional health, social connection, a sense of purpose, and an overall satisfaction with our lives today and in our imagined future. This presents an opportunity to help people financially prepare to improve or sustain their wellness throughout their lifetime.

Current life satisfaction across age groups

— “Longevity as Opportunity,” MIT AgeLab, June 2023

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See anticipation, preparation, and celebration in action

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— Jamie Ohl, President, Protection Solutions and Savings & Investments at Transamerica

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