Offer More Than Strategies and Solutions

Creating a solid financial foundation for your clients goes beyond the right strategies and solutions. Access a wealth of resources designed to help you provide insight and knowledge that can guide your clients toward the financial future they deserve.

Annuity Resources for Building Your Business

Annual Review Checklist

Regular financial reviews can help clients stay on track to meet their goals. This checklist covers retirement plan contributions, investments, insurance, and more.

Using Transamerica’s Annuities in Irrevocable Trusts

Annuities can help trustees with tax deferral, death benefit protection, flexible investment options with growth potential, and guaranteed lifetime income.

Women and Investing

Women control 40% of global wealth1 and more than 70% of all consumer purchasing in the U.S.2 Learn how you can provide key financial insight for some of their unique challenges.

Help Your Clients Understand Annuities

Increase in purchase intent for annuities in one year

Annuities experienced surprising growth in perceived need over the past year.

Currently, 46 percent of respondents say they “need" an annuity, a jump of 21 percent from the previous year. For now, the data suggest total market need for annuities equals 118 million consumers.

Among non-owners of annuities, 24 percent say they intend to purchase an annuity in the next year. This represents purchase intent of 50 million non-owners.